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6th Grade University of Denver Core

Welcome to the University of Denver Core!  

August 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We are pleased to welcome your child to our classes!  We look forward to an exciting and rewarding year.  Research shows that children experience more success in school when parents/guardians show an interest in their child’s schoolwork.
In order to provide your child with the excellent educational atmosphere they deserve, we have developed the policies in this packet.  Please read the policies carefully and refer to them throughout the school year.
We’re looking forward to a great year!

The Sixth Grade Teachers of the University of Denver core

6th GradeTeachers

6th Grade Support Staff


  • Your student’s teacher will return phone calls or emails within 48 hours.
  • Information about grades will be provided in your Infinite Campus Portal Account.

Homework schedule

Homework will be provided per teacher discretion, based on the support that students need. Please subscribe to the appropriate teacher’s homework calendar, to be alerted to assignments and homework that is assigned.  students who did not complete their homework on time or who wish to complete their homework at school may attend study sessions. 

  • Multiple Times per Week - Language Arts
  • Multiple Times per Week – Math
  • Tuesday – Science
  • Thursday – Social Studies

Study sessions 

  • Monday – Language Arts during lunch 
  • Tuesday – Science during lunch 
  • Wednesday – Math during lunch
  • Thursday – Social Studies during lunch

Staying after school or coming in early

Teachers may to ask students to stay after school or come in early for make up work, incomplete work, or as a disciplinary measure. Students will be allowed one day to arrange transportation. Athletic practice, club meetings, etc. are not reasons to be excused from staying after or coming in early to school. This is your student’s opportunity to re-take assessments, make up labs, experiments, and other important tasks. It is the student’s responsibility to notify their parents of any necessary requirements for them to stay after school.

Communication of assignments

  • Students are expected to copy homework assignments and other due dates into their NGMS planner daily.
  • Please subscribe to the teachers’ homework calendars. This will help you to receive information in a timely manner
  • Your child is your most valuable resource for information. In addition, the following resources are available:
    • Information such as curriculum pacing and standards, and other core information can be found at this website.
    • Parents/Guardians have access to their student’s current grades and attendance through the Infinite Campus website. Please sign up for an account if you have not already done so.



6th Grade University of Denver Core Classrooms

Mr. Daly's Language Arts' Class

Subject: English
Mr. Daly's Online Language Arts Class Updated March 30, 2020 Hello students and families. We all know this is an uncertain and ever-changing time. Please know that I will do my best to help in any way I can as we navigate how  online...

Ms. Draper's Class

Subject: Science
Click here for Mrs. Draper's Google Classroom! 6th Grade Science is an exciting class, as most of it is brand new to my students!  That being said, it is incredibly important to show up every day prepared to work hard.  What does "working...

Ms. Hake's Class

Subject: Social-Studies
Updated 03/27/2020 Welcome to online learning!  I am so excited to be able to start this chapter with you!  Online learning in this format is new for all of us.  Please ask questions when you're not sure of something and, if I don't know the...

Ms. Tierney's Class

Subject: Math
6th Grade Math Updated March 27, 2020 Hello students and families. We all know this is an uncertain and ever-changing time. Please know that I will do my best to help in any way I can as we navigate how  our lives are impacted by COVID-19...