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6th Grade University of Colorado Core

Welcome to the University of Colorado Core!

Distance Learning

All assignments will be posted Mondays on Google Classroom for each class. Asignments will be due on Friday by 3 pm.  Check each teacher's page for more information. 

Office Hours 

Ms. Weingarten and Ms. Archambo will have office hours from 10 am to 12 pm each day. During this time we are available to answer any questions and provide students with individual help. However, please feel free to email each teacher at any time and they will respond to you as soon as possible. 

Attendance Policy 

On-line attendance and participation is required throughout our distance learning time. While not taken daily and hourly, attendance will be taken by 4 pm on the Friday of each week beginning April 3rd in Infinite Campus. Students that actively participate throughout the week as directed by the teacher will be recorded as attending. If a student does not participate throughout the week, the student will be recorded as absent. 

6th Grade University of Colorado Core Classrooms

Ms Archambo's Class

Subject: Language Arts, Social-Studies
Archambo Language Arts and Social Studies homework It's online learning time! This is all new to everyone, so don't feel worried or stressed at all, we are in this together. All of our work and learning will be done on Google Classroom for both...

Ms. Weingarten's Class

Subject: Math, Science
Online Learning Information I will be posting assignments on Google Classroom on Mondays for you to work on through the week. Assingments will be due on the following Friday. Nearly all resources we use at this time should be familiar to you...