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8th Grade University of North Carolina Core

Study Sessions

  • Math  - Mrs. Shaffer
    • Thursday | Room F100
    • 7:45am-8:15am
    • 3:45pm-4:25pm
  • Language Arts  - Mrs. Ralph
    • Tuesday | 3:45-4:15
  • Science -  Ms. Dawson 
    • Thursday |Room F100 
    • 4:00-4:15 
  • Social Studies  - Mr. Williamson
    • Tuesday | 3:45-4:15
  • ELD  -  Ms. Petruff
    • Thursday | Lunch - 12:44-1:19

Discipline Policy 

  • Zero phones 
  • Zero hoodies

Tardy Policy

  • First tardy = warning 
  • Second tardy = verbal warning and phone call home 
  • Third tardy = Breakfast detention (8:05-8:25)/After school detention (15 min. after school) 
    • Failure to attend first breakfast detention results in another chance and phone call home 
    • Missed second opportunity will be a referral 
  • Fourth tardy = Referral 

8th Grade University of North Carolina Core Classrooms

Ms. Dawson's Science Class

Subject: Science
Hello Everyone, As we start this virtual learning journey, we will be picking up in the Weather Unit for about 5 weeks (until May).  We will learn about predicting weather, weather map symbols, climate, and climate change.  In May, whether we...

Ms. Ralph's Class

Subject: Language Arts
Mrs. Ralph's 8th grade Language Arts Homework Hello Everyone,  Welcome to our new way of learning.  We will begin our remote learning on Wednesday, April 1.  Your language arts assignments will be accessed through Google Classroom.  We will...

Mr. Williamson's Class

Subject: Social-Studies
Where Coursework Will Occur During Online Learning:  Remote Learning for Adams12 begins Wednesday, April 1st. This will also be when the initial assignments will be uploaded for students to access for all courses...