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8th Grade Auburn Core

General Education

Hello, and welcome back to school! - sort of. We are excited to get back to learning with all the students and have some great online tools and lessons for everyone to continue in 8th-grade core content.

We will be updating and adding information to this site over the days and weeks to come. So check back often to see if there is anything new. 

For right now, take a look at the document below that provides some direction and guidance on how to get started.  Please be patient as there will be more to come.  Thanks!

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File Ms. Thurber Remote Learning Information.docx14.98 KB04/02/2020
File Remote Learning Information and Links.docx820.51 KB04/01/2020

8th Grade Auburn Core Classrooms

Mr. Cornwell's Class

Subject: Math, Science
Mr. Cornwell's Class page I will add or post any new information and details on the Auburn Core page.  So, please look there. If you still have questions, please email me at  Thank you!

Ms. Thurber's Class

Subject: English, Social-Studies
Ms. Thurber's Class All updates and assgnements will be posted on our Google Classrooms. Class codes are below; please make sure you sign up for the correct class. Period 3 Language Arts: skhxvxa  Period 4 Language Arts: qp7naec...