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Science Department


Meet the Science Teachers

  • Jody Coffman-6th - Department Chair
  • Jessica Draper-6th
  • Mikala Weingarten-6th
  • Genevieve O’Bryan-7th
  • Tina Mott-7th
  • Joe Sabol-7th
  • Christy Dawson-8th
  • Travis Cornwell-8th
  • Ryan Bauer-8th

Science at Northglenn Middle School

District 12 science is following the Next Generation Science Standards. The units of study are:

  • 8th Grade
    • Energy
    • Forces and Space
    • Weather and Climate
    • Chemistry
  • 7th
    • Geologic Time
    • Cells
    • Human Body Systems
    • Genetics
    • Natural and Artificial Selection
    • Changes in life over time
  • 6th
    • Matter and Water
    • Earth’s Structures and Natural Processes
    • Environmental Interactions
  • Energy and Human Activities are embedded in all grade level content.

Our science techbook in on like: Discovery Techbook. The link is below:

    Understanding Science Grades


    Score  -Description - What it means for your student:
    4 - Advanced Understanding - Your student has mastered the expected standard AND has shown a deeper understanding of the concept.
    3 - Meets Standard - This is where we want to see all students scoring.
    2 - Approaching Standard - Your student is making progress to learning the expected standard.
    1 - Does Not Meet Standard - Your student needs more time and extra help to understand the standard.
    / - Not Assessed

    National Science Standards – (Topics) 
    6th through 8th Grade

    • ESP: Earth’s Surface Processes
    • ETSS: Links Among Engineering, Technology, Science, and Society
    • ED: Engineering Design
    • SFIP: Structure, Function, and Information Processing
    • IRE: Independent Relationships in Ecosystems
    • GDRO: Growth, Development, and Reproduction of Organisms
    • E: Energy
    • FM: Forces and Motion
    • NSA: Natural Selection and Adaptations
    • HI: Human Impact
    • WC: Weather and Climate Systems
    • EIP: Earth’s Interior Processes
    • SS: Space Systems
    • CR: Chemical Reactions
    • MEOE: Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems
    • HE: The History of Earth
    • IF: Interactions of Forces
    • ESP: Earth’s Surface Processes
    • SPM: Structure and Properties of Matter