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Welcome to the NGMS Counseling Department 

Counseling supports the development of the whole child by advocating for academic, social/emotional, career and postsecondary needs and strives to develop life-long learners and productive citizens.

The counseling program in Adams 12 Five Star Schools works collaboratively with parents, community members and educators to empower every child, regardless of individual differences or obstacles, to ensure all students are prepared for meaningful, productive learning through a data-driven comprehensive K-12 school counseling program.

Counseling During the Remote Learning Period   Blue Heart – The Sugar Patch

Just a reminder that we are still here for you even though we are not in the same building.  Stay connected and reach out to us!  We care about you!

Your counselors are available via zoom, google hangouts, telephone, or email. If you would like to schedule a time to meet with your counselor, please email or call us to schedule a time.  Students can discuss any topic for which they would typically sign up to see us (academic, social/emotional, career, family, friends, etc.). Your counselor will email you with a zoom/google hangout link for your scheduled time. Students are also more than welcome to send an email or call us with any questions/concerns if they’d prefer to not talk via video chat.  Please do not hesitate to email or call your counselor or provider. 

**We ask that parents provide a confidential environment for their student to engage in a safe and private conversation with their counselor (much like we offer them at school). This can be done by asking siblings to give them time alone, staying out of earshot of your student’s meeting, providing them headphones to use, etc. Counselors will maintain confidentiality and privacy on their end as well (outside of a situation involving safety)**

NGMS Mental Health Team

Jill Martinez (6th Grade Counselor), 720-972-5091, email:

Meghan Welsh (7th Grade Counselor), 720-972-5090, email:

Teresa Biller (8th Grade Counselor), 720-972- 5093, email:

Jeanette De La Torre (School Psychologist), 720-972-5080, email:

Ann Ambuske (School Social Worker), 720-972-5097, email:

Mari Smith (Social Emotional Learning Specialist), 720-972-5100, email:

Lorraine Nichols (Registrar) ,  720-972-5103, email:

Counseling Classrooms

Social Emotional Learning

Subject: Enrichment
Welcome to Mrs. Ambuske's Distance Learning Social Emotional Skill Development Group!                                                                       I work as a member of our Special Education Department and Counseling Teams as a...