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Free & Reduced Lunch

​If your child was on free or reduced meal status on the last day of school last year, your student will remain on that meal status through September 30th of this school year. Students who have not turned in their 2015-2016 applications will become full paid students the morning of October 1st. You can now apply online at www.applyforlunch.com or pick up a paper application from your child's school cafeteria.  Please note that certain district fees can be waived or adjusted for students that qualify for free and reduced meal status. Billing for student fees will be sent each month on the 20th, starting in September.  If you have already sent in your application for this school year, applied online, or received a direct certification letter, please disregard this message.

Si su hijo recibía comidas gratis o de precio reducido para finales del año escolar anterior, su hijo continuará recibiendo los beneficios hasta el 30 de septiembre de este año escolar.  Los estudiantes que no entreguen sus solicitudes para el 2015-2016, tendrán que pagar precios regulares comenzando la mañana del 1ro de octubre.  Usted puede solicitar en línea en www.applyforlunch.com o puede pedir una solicitud impresa en la cafetería de su hijo. Por favor, sepa que algunas tarifas del distrito pueden ser eliminadas o ajustadas para los estudiantes que califican para comidas gratis o de precio reducido. Las facturas para las tarifas adeudadas por el estudiante serán enviadas el 20 de cada mes, comenzando en septiembre. Por favor, ignore este mensaje si usted ya llenó la solicitud para este año escolar, si solicitó en línea, o si recibió una carta directa de certificación.

Please also know that we are determining additional next steps to support schools in securing successful applications. Currently we do not have access to student names who qualified last year, but have yet to submit an application. As of October 1st, we will have access to those names and we will be taking additional steps to contact families who we believe may benefit from FRL meal benefits. Nutrition Services is working with Learning Services to determine how best to complete this task. More information will be shared in future LS updates and at the October principal meeting.