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Core Grade Teachers - Study Session Time
University of Colorado 6th

Archambo (ELA) - Tuesdays at lunch

Wilson (Sci) - Thursdays at lunch

Weingarten (Math) - Wednesdays at lunch

Delgado (SS) - Mondays at breakfast

Frano (CLDE both cores) - Tuesdays at lunch

Denver University 6th

Daly (ELA) - Mondays at lunch

Tierney (Math) - Wednesdays at lunch 

Keller (Sci) - Thursdays at lunch

Hake (SS) - Tuesdays at lunch

University of Wyoming 7th

Foley (ELA) - Tuesdays & Thursdays after school (FLEX LAB)

Fried (Sci) - Thursdays at lunch

Praska (Math) - Tuesdays at lunch

Castellon (SS) - Mondays at lunch

Cruz (CLDE both cores) - Wednesdays at lunch

University of Michigan 7th

Walsh (ELA) - Wednesdays at lunch

Bell (Math) - Wednesdays at lunch

Duncan (Sci) - Thursdays at lunch

Williamson (SS) - Mondays after school until 4:40

University of North Carolina 8th

Dunning (ELA) - Thursdays at lunch

Lovrein (Math) - Mondays at lunch

Vespa (Sci) - Wednesdays at lunch

Meyer (SS) - Thursdays at lunch

Petruff (CLDE both cores) - Wednesdays after school until 4:20

Harvard University 8th

Berohn (ELA) - Tuesdays after school until 4:20

Sawaged (Math) - Tuesdays 3:50-4:30 in FLEX LAB

Bauer (Sci) - Thursdays at lunch

Thurber (SS) Wednesdays before school