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Please consult each individual teacher to reserve a time for a study session.


  1. Classroom redirect

  2. Hallway conversation 

  3. Problem solve/phone call 

  4. Behavior Log and sent to the office


Step 1- Verbal warning from teacher

Step 2-3 verbal warning and contact home 

Step 4 Teacher will fill out a tardy log and information will be sent to the office. 


Meet Our Teachers

Zachary Foster


LisaRae George


Maria Hernandez


Alicia Maddison


Margaret Masciarelli


Michelle Schneider

Tcher-Instructional Technology

Corey Stopperan


Ashley Vath



Zac Foster  PE/Health This is my 5th year at NGMS and 16th year in Adams 12.

Lisa George PE/Health This is my 28th year with the district, and 27th year at NGMS.

Mary Helen Lechuga Spanish I and Spanish for Native Speakers. I will be completing my 4th year at NGMS this year. Bienvenidos a todos a la Clase de Español!! Tengamos un buen año escolar!!!

Alicia Madison  Art- This is my 2nd year at NGMS and my 2nd year in Adams 12. I have been teaching art for 8 years.  

Maggie Masciarelli Choir and Music Exploration Teacher. This is my 7th year of teaching and working at Northglenn Middle. Looking forward to another year of music making! :)

Cole Petersen Countries and Cultures. This is my 2nd year of teaching and 2nd year at NGMS.

Beverly Popovitch ELD - This is my 18th year teaching ELD and my 2nd year at Northglenn Middle. I am looking forward to another great year with my MLs! 

Michelle Schneider  Computer Science - This is my 24th year in the district and my first at NGMS.  Looking forward to a great year!

Corey Stopperan Band/Orchestra - This is my 22nd year here at Northglenn Middle. Love the kids here and looking forward to another exciting year making music!

Ashley Vath  Health/PE- This is my 9th year teaching at NGMS, I have been teaching in Adams 12 for 10 years. 

Study Session

Foster (Health/PE) - By appointment as necessary 

George (Health/PE)--Before or after school by appointment–just come talk to me to schedule.  Everything is on my schoology pages.

Lechuga (Spanish)-Before school by appointment

Maddison (Art)-Befor or after school by appointment. 

Masciarelli (Music)-Before or after school by appointment, or during 7th grade lunch, email me or talk to me during class to set up

Schneider (Technology)-Tuesdays 4:10-4:40

Stopperan (Music)- Before/after school by appointment

Vath (Health/PE)- Before or after school by appointment. 

Newton (Affective Needs/ Interpersonal Development)- Before School by Appointment

Popovitch (ESL)- Before or after school by appointment

MyAccount Dashboard

Teacher's digital classrooms are available in Schoology or SeeSaw. To access, visit your child's MyAccount Dashboard.  

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Music at NRM!

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