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Student Support Services

Student Support Services Staff and Departments

Educational Audiologist

  • Educational Audiologists are available to support our students with Hearing Impairments. Our Audiologists are trained to diagnose, manage and treat hearing and balance problems. Educational audiologists are members of the school multidisciplinary team who facilitate listening, learning and communication access via specialized assessments; monitor personal hearing instruments; recommend, fit and manage hearing assistance technology; provide and recommend support services and resources; and advocate on behalf of the students.


Learning Specialists

  • Our Learning Specialists are trained to evaluate and support students with learning disabilities and difficulties. They work with you, your child, and your child’s teachers to develop strategies for any learning difficulty or difference. They often work with children one-on-one to develop skills the child finds particularly challenging. Our Learning Specialists spend a great deal of time in the classroom working directly with our students to support IEP goals and the classroom learning objectives.


Occupational Therapist

  • Occupational therapists help students participate fully in academic and social environments through the therapeutic use of everyday activities, based on the student's personal interests and needs. They consult with parents, teachers, and students in order to provide strategies, materials, equipment, technology, and behavioral techniques to meet sensory and fine motor needs.


Physical Therapist

  • Our physical therapist (PT) supports a student’s ability to access their educational environment. As specialists in movement, they assist a student's physical participation in a variety of settings throughout the school day. They collaborate with special education staff, the student’s teachers, and parents in order to facilitate greater mobility, access social and educational opportunities, and help connect students and families to resources in and outside of the school building.


School Psychologist

  • School psychologists are trained in psychology and education. They can identify learning and psychological problems, evaluate students for special education services, and support social, emotional, and behavioral health. Our School Psychologist focuses on applying behavioral interventions in the school, provides mental health services, and evaluates social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive skills. The National Association of School Psychologists has more information.


Speech Language Pathologist: 

  • At NGMS, our Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and SLP Assistant provide direct services both in and outside of the classroom to support speech and language IEP goals. They collaborate with staff to support students in the classroom on issues ranging from articulation/intelligibility to promoting receptive and expressive language skills. Our SLP also plays a pivotal role in obtaining assistive technology to support verbal communication.


Social Worker

  • Our Social Worker provides mental health services and other interventions to students with IEPs. Social workers are also able to complete social, emotional, and behavioral evaluations. Social workers are trained to connect families to important community resources. The National Association of Social Workers provides more information. 


Social Emotional Support (SES) Classroom

  • Our school’s Social Emotional Support (SES) classroom is staffed with a teacher experienced in providing behavioral, social, and emotional support services to students with IEPs that currently or potentially qualify for this specific intervention. Our aim is to create a safe, welcoming space  for students with behavioral and emotional difficulties in order to build self-regulation and social skills. 


Students with Significant Needs (SSN) Classroom

  • Our school’s SSN classroom is designed to meet the unique needs of students with intellectual and adaptive skill challenges. Within a safe, nurturing environment, we can support the development of intellectual, behavioral, social, adaptive, and mobility needs.