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6th Grade School of Mines Core

6th Grade Homework Schedule

  • Multiple Times per Week – Math
  • Wednesday- Language Arts
  • Tuesday – Science
  • Wednesday- Math
  • Thursday – Social Studies

* Additional homework may be given

S.O.S. (Second Opportunity for Success)

S.O.S. (Second Opportunity for Success) is for students who did not complete their homework on-time.  They will receive S.O.S. as a means of communicating that the work was not done. Students are expected to complete the homework by the following day and a parent/guardian signature is requested to accept the late work.  If they do not get it done, they will be unprepared to participate in vital learning maybe required to attend a study hall during their lunch and recess.


At Northglenn Middle School, technology and collaboration with families are important components to your child’s educational success. All content areas (Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies) will be incorporating technology everyday. The students will be using a variety of online tools, such as, Google classroom for homework, notes, and resources to help connect the students to their classes outside of class time. To this end, we recommend that students and families plan now for how they will access the internet during the school year.  However, there a number of ways to make sure your child can still access the internet. Here is a list of opportunities to access the internet:

  • Students can utilize school computers during their lunch, before, and/or after school (it is important to communicate with your teacher if you plan on being here before or after school)

  • Students can utilize computers during their teacher’s scheduled help session

  • Anythink Library-   9417 Huron St, Thornton, CO 80260

  • Local Library

Our goal is to help every student gain access to the technology we are using in class so your child can have a successful year.   If you have any needs or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

6th Grade School of Mines Core Classrooms

Ms. Coffman's Class

Subject: Science
Welcome to on line learning, Students will be accessing Google Meet Links (This is accessed through Schoology)for online instruction M, T, Th F. They will follow the 6th grade schedule in order for all their classes. For example, if a student...

Ms. Dunning's Class

Subject: English
Welcome to online learning for 2020-2021 school year.  I am so excited to get the year started.  Please make sure your child gets to class on time and is ready to learn, if you need help for Language Arts please email me, I am more than happy to...

Ms. Ward's Class

Subject: Math
6th Grade Math Use google classroom for all classwork, homework, and resources. PearDeck link will be in Googleclassroom. I will have Zoom Meetings M-F from 10-12pm starting April 6th with students. I will sent out reminders to students....