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Ms Archambo's Class

Language Arts, Social-Studies

Archambo Language Arts and Social Studies homework


As stated in my bio, this is my third year teaching at Northglenn Middle School and I am very excited to begin a new year! The link above will take you to my homework calendar but here is a further explanation of how I expect homework to be done: 

    Language Arts: I expect each student to read for 30 minutes each night. They may check out books from our school library, as well as my classroom library. As a parent/guardian, I ask that you initial or sign your students' planner when they read. On Wednesdays, I will check their planner and they will receive credit for completing their homework for that week. If they do not complete their homework, I will ask them to come in during lunch to make it up. 

    Social Studies: In class, we practice a lot of skills and learn a lot of content. If I am noticing that students need extra practice on a certain skill or if there is a topic that I want them to learn more about, I will assign homework. This is usually a worksheet or a video with response questions. I will pass out the worksheets in class but the videos will be posted on my Google Classroom. If your student does not have access to a computer or the internet, they can come in during lunch and I will help them. If they do not complete this homework, I will ask them to come in during lunch to make it up.