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Ms. Weingarten's Class

Math, Science

6th Math/Science Weingarten

For current classroom information and materials please refer to my Google Classroom for Math or Science . Below are the areas we are studying in both math and science this year. 

Sixth Grade Math Year at a Glance 

Chapter 1 Numerical Expressions and Factors (17-19 days): A study of factors, multiples, and operations

Chapter 2 Fractions and Decimals (19-21 days): A study of fraction and decimal operations

Chapter 3 Algebraic Expressions and Properties (12-14 days): A study of creating expressions and the distributive property

Chapter 4 Areas of Polygons (12-14 days): A study of the areas of parallelograms, triangles, and trapezoids.

Chapter 5 Ratios and Rates (18-20 days): A study of ratios, rates, percents and measurement conversions

Chapter 6 Integers and Coordinate Plane (14-16 days): A study of the number line, absolute value, and the coordinate plane.

Chapter 7 Equations and Inequalities (17-19 days): A study of writing, solving, and graphing 1-step equations and inequalities

Chapter 8 Surface Area and Volume (11-13 days): A study of surface area and volume for prisms and pyramids

Chapter 9 Statistical Measures (13-15 days): A study of measures of center and spread.

Chapter 10 Data Displays (12-14 days): A study of stem-and-leaf plots, histograms, box-plots

Sixth Grade Science Year at a Glance

Unit 1 Matter and Water (55-65 days): A study of the atomic model and the kinetic theory of matter including a study of the distribution and circulation of water through Earth’s systems, and human dependency on water.

Unit 2 Earth's Structures and Natural Proceses (48-58 days): A study of the interrelationships between Earth’s structures, natural processes, and human activity.

Unit 3 Environmental Interactions (39-49 days): A study of the complex interactions between organisms, environment, and the flow and use of energy.