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Ms. Smith's Class


Smith - 7th Social Studies Class Calendar

Welcome back to school! This should be a new adventure for us all. I will use this website to explain the nuts and bolts of class expectations. 

Our Online Classroom
Just like when we meet in the building, we will be using Google Classroom as our go to place for our lesson notes, readings, and videos. Look for new information each Monday. It should be approximately 2 to 2 and a half hours of work per week. You should already be set in our Google Classroom but in case you are not, here are our classroom codes.
Google Classroom Codes:
     Period 1 ::  kmp67m3
     Period 2 :: cqaih7o
     Period 6 :: qdbn7xi
     Period 7 :: hyl6wt2
If we use Discover Ed Techbook, I will provide links and password Information in Google Classroom.

Office Hours
I have regular hours that I will be readily available for any questions or help that is needed. In our classroom calendar (link is at the top of this page), I have each day posted with a Google Hangout link if you want a quick video chat. Otherwise, send me an email (  with you question and I will get back to you during the current office hours or, if those have passed for the day, I will get back to you no later than the office hours the next day.

Attendance Expectations
On-line attendance and participation is required throughout our distance learning time.  While not taken daily and hourly, attendance will be taken by 4 pm on the Friday of each week beginning April 3rd in Infinite Campus.  Students that actively participate throughout the week as directed by the classroom teacher will be recorded as attending.  If a student does not participate throughout the week, the student will be recorded as absent. 

New work will be posted by Monday morning of each week. It should be approximately 2 to 2 and a half hours of work per week. All assignments are due by 4 pm on Friday. Expect grades to be posted in Infinite Campus by the following Wednesday at the latest.

Latest News

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