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Ms. Kealy's Class

Language Arts

Kealy's Classroom Assignment Calendar:



Parents can access real-time grades and attendance on the Parent Portal of Infinite Campus by logging on to: . Come to the school main office to obtain login information.

  1. I will return phone calls and/or emails within 24 – 48 hours.
  2. If a student is not performing or progressing toward the standard(s), I will contact a parent/guardian by phone or email.
  3. If a student exhibits unacceptable behavior that is either impeding his/her learning or causing undo disruption to the class, I will contact a parent/guardian by phone or email.
  4. I will offer interventions that may include:
    • After school study session
    • Reteach and retest opportunities

Study Session

Study sessions are utilized to make up class work, assessments, and to clarify assignments.

Homework Policy

Students will not be assigned specific homework dates. Students are not assigned regular homework. If a classroom assignment is not finished in class, it is the student’s responsibility to finish that assignment as homework.

Course Description

This is a yearlong class which meets every day for 69 minutes. This class has been designed so that experiences with literature, with writing, and with group processes will often be interconnected. In working to support the literacy development of our secondary students, instruction will include: small group reading instruction, independent reading, responding to literature, reading demonstrations, writing demonstrations, talking about writer’s craft, and independent writing.

Units of Study

Unit Title

  • 1 - Crafting Meaning Through Storytelling
  • 2 - Determining and Developing Central Ideas
  • 3 - Forming and Supporting Claims
  • 4 - Analyzing Literary and Historical Texts
  • 5 - Comparing Authors’ Choice
  • 6 - Analyzing and Comparing Form and Structure

Supply List

  • 1.5 inch three-ring binder
  • Set of 5 divider tabs
  • 1 hand-held sharpener that catches pencil shavings
  • Lined notebook loose-leaf paper
  • Pencils

Please replenish supplies as needed throughout the year. We recommend that each student have a paperback dictionary and thesaurus added to their home supplies.