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6th Grade University of Colorado Core

Welcome to the University of Colorado Core!

6th Grade Homework

  • Language Arts: 30 minutes of reading each night with a parent signature checked on Wednesdays.
  • Math: assigned weekly online through Google Classroom, due on Fridays.
  • Science: given out on Tuesdays, due on Wednesday. Handed out in class and available on Google Classroom. 
  • Social Studies: given out (as needed) on Tuesdays, due Friday. Handed out in class and available on Google Classroom. 

6th Grade Study Sessions

Study sessions are an opportunity for students to finish homework or get extra help. Students need to get a lunch pass from their teacher to attend study session prior to attending. Students may attend Study Sessions on Tuesday or Wednesday during lunch for any subject with either teacher. 

6th Grade University of Colorado Core Classrooms

Ms Archambo's Class

Subject: Language Arts, Social-Studies
Archambo Language Arts and Social Studies homework Welcome!  As stated in my bio, this is my third year teaching at Northglenn Middle School and I am very excited to begin a new year! The link above will take you to my homework calendar but...

Ms. Weingarten's Class

Subject: Math, Science
6th Math/Science Weingarten For current classroom information and materials please refer to my Google Classroom for Math or Science . Below are the areas we are studying in both math and science this year.  Sixth Grade Math Year at a Glance...