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6th Grade University of Colorado Core

Welcome to the University of Colorado Core!

6 th Grade Homework

  • Language Arts- 30 minutes of reading each night with a synopsis of reading due Wednesdays
  • Math- at least once a week as needed
  • Science- given out on Tuesdays, due on Wednesday
  • Social Studies- given out Thursdays, due Friday

S.O.S. (Second Opportunity for Success):

S.O.S. (Second Opportunity for Success) is for students who did not complete their homework on-time. They will receive an S.O.S. stamp as a means of communicating that the work was not done. Students are expected to complete the homework by the following day and a parent/guardian signature is requested to accept the late work. If they do not get it done, they will be unprepared to participate in vital learning.

6 th Grade Study Sessions

Study sessions are an opportunity for students to finish homework or get extra help. Students need to get a lunch pass from their teacher to attend study session prior to attending.

Ms. Weingarten’s study session for math and science are held Thursdays at lunch.
Ms. Archambo’s study sessions are held for language arts and social studies on Tuesdays at lunch.