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Ms. Ralph's Class

Language Arts

Mrs. Ralph's 8th grade Language Arts Homework

Hello Everyone, 

Welcome to our new way of learning.  We will begin our remote learning on Wednesday, April 1.  Your language arts assignments will be accessed through Google Classroom.  We will continue to work on Unit 5 - Evaluating Choices.  There will be daily assignments that you are expected to complete throughout each week.  I will post a calendar, at the beginning of each week, for your assignments on Google Classroom to help you stay on track for each week.  Your assignments may be completed each day or as it fits into your schedule.  This means you have the opportunity to work on your assignments when it is best for you and your family as long as you pay attention to due dates.  You may email me anytime during the day if you have questions about your Assessments for Learning.

I will also be available for phone calls during the following hours:

Monday, Weds, Friday- 8:00-10:00 am and Tuesday, Thursday-2:00-4:00 pm  (720-280-3203).

Your Google Classroom invite codes may be accessed through Google Classroom and are also listed below: 

Period 3-l377ytp

Period 4-gjv7axm

Period 6-7ptkwpj

Peroid 7-ckvsn2g

ATTENDANCE: On-line attendance and participation is required throughout our remote learning time.  While not taken daily and hourly, attendance will be taken by 4 p.m. on Friday of each week beginning on April 3rd and will then be recorded in Infinite Campus.  Students that actively participate throughout the week will be recorded as attending.  If a student does not participate throughout the week, the student will be recorded as absent.

Course Description

This year-long class focuses on literature and writing. We will integrate reading and writing throughout each unit using Reader's and Writer's Workshop. Throughout the year, we will have six units of study, including:

1)    Developing & Reflecting in Narratives

2)    Structuring Meaning

3)    Conflicting Viewpoints

4)    Rendering the Traditional New

5)    Evaluating Choices

6)    Integrating Media and Presenting Effectively

In addition, students will be expected to read books independently at home as nightly homework. Homework will be assigned if the student does not finish their work in class.

Supply List ** Please replenish throughout the year as needed.

  • Planner (please bring to class daily)

  • Journal (please bring to class daily)

  • 1 hand-held sharpener that catches pencil shavings

  • Lined loose-leaf paper

  • Folder

  • Pencils (please bring to class daily) and/or lead for the mechanical pencils

  • Lead for mechanical pencils for the entire year

  • Pens (for writing a final draft)

  • 1 packet of 3 x 5 or 5 x 7 lined note cards

  • 2 boxes of Kleenex to your 3rd hour teacher

**** Please bring supplies to class, you are responsible for having your own supplies.


Parents can access real-time grades and attendance on the Parent Portal of Infinite Campus by logging on to:

  • Phone calls and/or emails will be returned within 24 hours.

  • If a student is not performing to his/her ability or if the student has unacceptable behavior that is disruptive to class, we will contact a parent/guardian by phone or email.

  • Interventions may include:

  • After school or before school study sessions

  • Reteach and retest opportunities