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7th Grade University of Wyoming Core






Foley Language Arts  Foley's Calendar Thursday at Lunch
O'Bryan Science O'Bryan's Calendar Friday at Lunch
Owen Social Studies Owen's Calendar Wednesday at Lunch
Praska Math

7th Math Calendar

Honors Math Calendar

Tuesday at Lunch
Sablich ELD Sablich's Calendar Wednesday at Lunch

Learning Information

Look on SCHOOLOGY to access your classwork for each day. 


Northglenn Middle School communicates student achievement levels based upon Colorado State Standards. We do not assign letter grades, instead, proficiency levels are reported as follows: 

  • 4 - Exceeds Standard
  • 3 - Meets Standard
  • 2 - Approaching Standard
  • 1 - Below Standard

Look on INFINITE CAMPUS to access your Grades in each class. 

7th Grade University of Wyoming Core Classrooms

Ms. Foley's Class

Subject: Language Arts
Classwork Calendar here - Welcome to Remote Learning! Below is the outline for our class during remote learning. Please log onto schoology each learning day for further...

Ms. O'Bryan's Class

Subject: Science
Welcome to Mrs. O'Bryan's 7th Grade Science Classroom, Learning starts Wednesday, August 18th. Most 7th-grade science materials will be accessible through Schoology.  Some material for labs or activities may be distributed to students in class...

Ms. Owen's Class

Subject: Social-Studies
Mrs. Owen's 7th Grade Social Studies Calendar  2018-2019 7th Grade Social Studies Syllabus Teacher Phone# Email Address Katherine Owen 720-972-8293...

Ms. Praska's Class

Subject: Math
Classwork All students will be using Schoology as their main platform for learning.  Through Schoology, students will have access to all their material and assignments.  This school year, we will use the BIG IDEAS online textbook!  ...

Mr. Sablich's Class

Subject: English
How does language, culture, and community influence our identity (who we are and how we think)? What is the relationship between language, identity, and power? How can we use language to create change for ourselves, our families, and our...