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Music Department

    Welcome to the Northglenn Middle School muisc program in Northglenn, Colorado under the direction of Corey Stopperan and Maggie Masciarelli. 

    The Northglenn Middle School Music Program is dedicated to guiding its students to reach their highest possible level of excellence. The ultimate goal is to instill a life-long appreciation and love for music.  Although we provide many different opportunities for music performance, these ensembles provide the fundamentals of music performance from which the other opportunities stem. Students are required and/or encouraged to participate in several other ensembles and musical venues in order to attain the most rewarding musical experience so that all of the foundational goals for music education are met.
    Performance is not the only goal for these classes. There are standards that are not met through performance alone. It is our belief that “the process is just as important as the product.” Most musical concepts are taught through the rehearsal of quality literature for performance. Student objectives include listening to, discussing, and writing about music as well as acquiring a basic knowledge of music history and
    All students are encouraged to participate in as many musical opportunities as they can both through and outside of school. These opportunities are essential for success. 

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Music Department Calendar

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Mr. Stopperan's Mid year Evaluation
 Mr. Stopperan's Year End Evaluation

It is the Northglenn Middle School Music Department's philosophy that all students can acquire musical knowledge and skill which will enable them to have a lifelong appreciation of music!  Attached below is the 2018 Music Handbook.

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