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8th Grade University of North Carolina Core

Study Sessions

  • Math  - Mrs. Shaffer
    • Thursday | Room F100
    • 7:45am-8:15am
    • 3:45pm-4:25pm
  • Language Arts  - Mrs. Ralph
    • Tuesday | 3:45-4:15
  • Science -  Ms. Dawson 
    • Thursday |Room F100 
    • 4:00-4:15 
  • Social Studies  - Mr. Williamson
    • Tuesday | 3:45-4:15
  • ELD  -  Ms. Petruff
    • Thursday | Lunch - 12:44-1:19

Discipline Policy 

  • Zero phones 
  • Zero hoodies

Tardy Policy

  • First tardy = warning 
  • Second tardy = verbal warning and phone call home 
  • Third tardy = Breakfast detention (8:05-8:25)/After school detention (15 min. after school) 
    • Failure to attend first breakfast detention results in another chance and phone call home 
    • Missed second opportunity will be a referral 
  • Fourth tardy = Referral 

8th Grade University of North Carolina Core Classrooms

Ms. Dawson's Science Class

Subject: Science
STUDY SESSION: Thursdays in Room F100 from 3:45 - 4:15, or by appt. View Homework Calendar Science Homework Policy Amount of homework to expect each night VARIES Homework is a means for students to practice their learning and...

Ms. Ralph's Class

Subject: Language Arts
Mrs. Ralph's 8th grade Language Arts Homework Course Description This year-long class focuses on literature and writing. We will integrate reading and writing throughout each unit using Reader's and Writer's Workshop. Throughout the year, we...

Ms. Shaffer's Class

Subject: Math
Honors Math Calendar 3rd, 4th, 6th hour Math Calendar Math Ms Christus/Mrs. Shaffer Calendar UNC Tar Heels Math Classes STUDY SESSION: Thursdays (7:45 - 8:15 & 3:45 - 4:25) or by appt. Math Homework Policy Amount of Homework...

Mr. Williamson's Class

Subject: Social-Studies
8th. grade Social Studies (U.S. History) - Class Calendar Social Studies Homework and Syllabus for UNC Tar Heels Contact information: 720-972-5111/ Study Session: Tuesdays (3:45-4:15) Social Studies...