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Visual Art Program at Northglenn Middle School

Ms. Sonja Dolnick

Visual Art Homework & Notifications Calendar

Visual Art Classes Homework Policy

Homework in Visual Art classes will only be scheduled in two cases:

  1. A student has missed a considerable amount of school during an assigned project and needs to make up the work.
  2. A student is not using class time productively and needs to spend additional time outside of class to complete an assigned project.

Sometimes students want to bring in photographs or other images to use in/for their artwork - this is completely optional and is not considered homework per se.

If a student needs to spend time at home working on an art assignment, I will contact their parent/guardian, they will be given the supplies they need, including tools that may be borrowed, and guidelines for project completion will be sent home. The only exception would be for Pottery classes where students would need to schedule additional time in the Art Studio to get caught up. I will have a Study Session every week when students can use the Art Studio to work on assigned projects and/or get additional help on Tuesdays from 4-4:30 p.m. If special arrangements or accommodations need to be made, please contact me to set something up. Thanks! :-)

Class Syllabus