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English Language Development (ELD)

ELD Homework

Students are expected to be reading at home every night for 30-60 minutes.

This can include reading:

  • books that they choose
  • to a sibling or family member
  • news articles
  • magazines
  • recipes

Students may also have homework if they did not finish work in class or there is an extension to a classroom project.
That information should be found in their planners if work outside of class should be done.

Class Activities

6th Grade

Stories do not always have to be fictional.

For our first unit we are learning about Memoirs.Through this unit we will be working on sharing our personal stories through writing and reading memoirs.

7th Grade

“Language is Power”

This year, students’ goals are to read critically, write consciously, speak clearly, listen carefully, and tell their truth. Throughout the school year, we will be exploring the power of language to create change. In units 1 and 2, students will be reading The Only Road/El único destino, by Alexandra Diaz. Students will be discovering the hidden power of storytelling, and how writers use language to bring awareness to real life challenges people face around the world.

8th Grade


Please see Ms. Petruff's page for more information. 

Google Classroom

Please visit our online classroom for the latest updates and assignments for our classes. 

If you have not signed up for Google Classroom, please email Ms. Petruff

Study Session Times:

  • Frano - Thursdays after school until 4:20 Rm. G115
  • Place - Thursdays after school until 4:20 Rm. Library
  • Sablich - Thursdays @ Lunch (11:53 - 12:23) Rm. B104
  • Petruff - Thursday @ Lunch 12:50-1:20 Rm. F114
  • Johnson - Thursdays after school until 4:20 in the library

English Language Development (ELD) Classrooms

Ms. Johnson's ELD elective

Subject: English
My class provides additional language development support to students learning English.   For homework, students should read material of their choice for 30 minutes every day. Kristine Johnson syllabus.pdf

Ms. Petruff's Class

Subject: English
Ms. Petruff's English Language Development Class  |  Google Voice/text  720.441.4197 Congratulations to the students who tested out of ELD this year!  2019testedOUT.jpeg...

Mr. Sablich's Class

Subject: English
Change: The Power of Language How do language, culture, and community influence our identity (who we are and how we think)? What is the relationship between language, identity, and power? How can we use language to create change fro...