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English Language Development (ELD)


Students are expected to be reading at home every night for 30-60 minutes.

This can include reading:

  • books that they choose
  • to a sibling or family member
  • news articles
  • magazines
  • recipes

Students may also have homework if they did not finish work in class or there is an extension to a classroom project.
That information should be found in their planners if work outside of class should be done.

Class Activities

6th Grade

Stories do not always have to be fictional.

For our first unit we are learning about Memoirs.Through this unit we will be working on sharing our personal stories through writing and reading memoirs.


English Language Development (ELD) Classrooms

Ms. Alvarez's Class

Subject: General Education
Contact Information:  email: (I will respond to emails within 24 hours during the week) phone: 720-972-8317 text: TalkingPoints app (please email me for a code if you did not recieve a message from me) All...

Ms. Frano's Class

Subject: English
Ms. Frano's Calendar Welcome to Mrs. Frano's class. Here we work on reading, writing, speaking, and listening through the Language Arts curriculum. Attendance: Attendance will be taken each class period. Students are expected to log on...

Ms. Petruff's Class

Subject: English
bookshelf Ms. Petruff's English Language Development Class I am so excited to begin learning and creating with you all!    Office Hours  Thurdays @ Lunch  email -

Mr. Sablich's Class

Subject: English
How does language, culture, and community influence our identity (who we are and how we think)? What is the relationship between language, identity, and power? How can we use language to create change for ourselves, our families, and our...

Ms. Nielsen's Class

Subject: General Education
Hi students - I am so excited to back in-person with all of you!  Throughout the year, we will practice our English skills by listening, speaking, reading, and writing while having fun and collaborating with others. Our units this year are:...