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University of Hawaii Electives

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Art, Music

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University of Hawaii Electives Classrooms


Subject: Language Arts
Spanish Class 2018-2019 Welcome to my Spanish Class! In order to provide the necessary tools for your students in my Spanish class my program is presented below. This class is created for students who don’t possess knowledge of Spanish...


Subject: Art
Visual Art Program at Northglenn Middle School Ms. Sonja Dolnick Visual Art Homework & Notifications Calendar Visual Art Classes Homework Policy Homework in Visual Art classes will only be scheduled in two cases: A student has...

Technology Classes

Subject: Technology
6th gradeComputer ApplicationsMultimedia 7th gradeComputer ApplicationsComputer Science 8th gradeComputer Science   SSS Classes

Physical Education at NGM

Subject: Physical Education
Homework 1st week of each quarter/semester in PE  -- Bring a T-shirt, shorts or sweats, & tennis shoes. Your weekly ‘homework’ for PE is to GET YOUR BODY MOVING!  Your goal should be to do some sort of physical activity at least 4-5...

Creative Writing and Newspaper

Subject: Writing
Syllabus Communication Parents can access real-time grades and attendance on the Parent Portal of Infinite Campus by logging on to: Come to the school main office to obtain login...

Music Department

Subject: Music
2010 Adams 12 District Honor Band.jpg     Welcome to the Northglenn Middle School muisc program in Northglenn, Colorado under the direction of Corey Stopperan and Maggie Masciarelli.      The Northglenn Middle...


Subject: Health
Welcome to Health! 8th Grade Health Homework Calendar 7th grade Health Homework Calendar 6th Grade Health Homework Calendar Study Session: As needed* Students need to...