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Technology Classes


Welcome to Computer Classes

Regardless of which cohort you are in, all of my classes will be in Schoology.  I will always be live during the scheudeled class time for all students.  

  Students can access their Schoology classes by logging onto the school portal.

Access the student portal through a district Chromebook or the login on the right sidebar of the school website homepage.

Please find links for each class to the left.  A syllabus for each class can also be found there.

 (All live session links are in Schoology)

1st hour 8th grade Cyber Secrets & Coding 9:00- 9:52 on  M, T, Th & F and 9:00 - 9:45 on W.

2nd hour 8th grade Cyber Secreets & Coding 9:56-10:48 on M, T, Th & F and 9:49 - 10:34 on W.

3rd hour 7th grade Computer class 11:26-12:18 on M, T, Th & F and 10:48 - 11:33 on W.

5th hour 7th grade Computer class 12:57-1:49 on M, T, Th & F and 12:12 - 12:57 on W.

6th hour 6th grade Computer class 2:27-3:19 on M, T, Th & F and 1:11 - 1:56 on W.

Students in class will have live instruction and students online can be there for that same live instruction.  It will always be done in the zoom classes.

Typing Club

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