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8th Grade Auburn Core

General Education

We are excited to meet all the students and get back to learning. 

We have some great online tools and resources that should hopefully make this year a success.  Please make sure that your are using Schoology for all your class information, lessons, assignments, etc.  

Click on each teacher's class page below for any other helpful information. 

8th Grade Auburn Core Classrooms

Mr. Cornwell's Class

Subject: Math, Science
Mr. Cornwell's Class page Please review the attached Virtual Learning Information document that covers some class basics. All class information, lessons, assignments, communications and so on will be posted in Schoology.  So, please look there...

Ms. Thurber's Class

Subject: English, Social-Studies
Ms. Thurber's Class All updates and assignments will be posted on Schoology. Use this link for help navigating Schoology. Please email me at if you have questions. I'm here to help!