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8th Grade Auburn Core

General Education

Welcome to 8th Grade and the Auburn Core! We are excited to have you here!

We have some great online tools and resources that should hopefully make this year a success.  Please make sure that your are using Schoology for all your class information, lessons, assignments, etc.  

Click on each teacher's class page below for helpful information about each class. Information regarding core homework, study sessions, discipline, and tardy policies can be found below. 

Homework Policy:

Language Arts:

In Language Arts, the expectation is that you are reading at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. What you choose to read is up to you. You are also expected to complete any unfinished classwork as homework.

Social Studies:

In Social Studies, you are expected to complete any unfinished classwork as homework. 



In Science, you are expected to complete any unfinished classwork as homework. 

Study Sessions:

If you are unable to make the study session listed below, please work with your teacher to set up an alternate time.

Teacher/Content Day Time

Ms. Thurber

Social Studies/Language Arts

Monday 8:30-9am

Ms. Bringelson


Monday 4:15-4:45pm

Mr. Espuga


Tuesday 8:30-9am

Discipline Policy:

Our core's primary expectations for student behavior center around respect. Everyone is deserving of respect and will be treated this way. This includes teachers and all students. Students who fail to meet these expectations can expect the following:

  • Incident 1: Redirection
  • Incident 2: Problem solve form
  • Incident 3: Hallway conference and phone call home
  • Incident 4: Referral

Phones and headphones are only allowed when authorized by your teacher. Though hoodies are now allowed in classrooms, hoods must remain down at all times.

Tardy Policy:

  • 1st Tardy: Warning
  • 2nd Tardy: Phone call home
  • 3rd Tardy: Breakfast/Lunch detention
  • 4th Tardy: Referral

8th Grade Auburn Core Classrooms

Ms. Bringelson's Class

Math banner
Subject: Math
Hello and welcome to 7th and 8th grade Math! Grading of assignments will  be on a 1-4 scale and follow the rubric below.  If you ever have any questions around a grade on an assignment, don't hesitate to reach out! Math rubric....

Mr. Espuga's Class

Subject: Science
Welcome to Mr. Espuga's 7th & 8th Grade Science Class Page!  Grading    At NGMS, we use a standards based grading system. Instead of focusing a simple letter grade like an "A", we prefer to focus on the student's level of understanding...

Ms. Thurber's Class

Subject: English, Social-Studies
Ms. Thurber's Class All updates and assignments will be posted on Schoology. Use this link for help navigating Schoology. Please email me at if you have questions. I'm here to help!