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Language Arts Department

Language Arts

"A writer should have the precision of a poet and the imagination of a scientist.” -- Vladimir Nabokov

  • Hope Archambo (6th grade)
  • Max Daly (6th grade)
  • Danielle Harton (7th grade)
  • Patricia Foley (7th grade)
  • Jodi Lingo (7th grade)
  • Katie Thurber (8th grade)
  • Mary Berohn (8th grade)
  • Tara Dunning (8th grade)

Study Sessions For Each Grade Level:

  • 6th grade: Daly  Monday -lunch; Archambo: Wednesday - lunch
  • 7th grade: Foley: Thursday - morning 8:35 - 8:55; Lingo: Thursday – 3:45-4:15; Harton:
  • 8th grade: Mrs. Berohn , Tuesdays, 4:15-4:45; Thurber: Tuesday 7:45-8:15 Mrs Dunning: Thursday at lunch. 
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Language Arts Department Classrooms

Ms Archambo's Class

Subject: Language Arts, Social-Studies
Archambo Language Arts and Social Studies homework It's online learning time! This is all new to everyone, so don't feel worried or stressed at all, we are in this together. All of our work and learning will be done on Google Classroom for both...

Ms. Berohn's Class

Subject: Language Arts
Hi Everybody!! We will be using Schoology for our online schooling this year. In our remote learning time, we will be using a set curriculum for our units. You will need to be doing the daily work just as you would in our regular classroom....

Mr. Daly's Language Arts' Class

Subject: English
Mr. Daly's Online Language Arts Class Updated August 25, 2020 Hello students and families. We all know this is an uncertain and ever-changing time. Please know that I will do my best to help in any way I can as we navigate online teaching...

Ms. Dunning's Class

Creative Writing and Newspaper
Subject: English
Mrs. Dunning's 8th grade Language Arts Homework Hello Everyone,  Each day the student will follow a workshop model: 10-15- minutes of live instruction and modeling 45- minutes of worktime 10- minute of a class debrief ATTENDANCE ...

Ms. Foley's Class

Subject: Language Arts
Classwork Calendar here - Welcome to Remote Learning! Below is the outline for our class during remote learning. Please log onto schoology each learning day for further...

Ms. Harton's Class

Subject: Language Arts, Social-Studies
Teacher: Ms. Harton Email Address: Class Period(s) Taught Social Studies 1st period; 2nd period Language Arts 6th period; 7th period Welcome to 7th grade, and to my...

Ms. Jacobsen's Class

Subject: Language Arts, Social-Studies
Hello students and families! Welcome back to a new school year. I am so thrilled to be back and teaching your student in person. This is my 6th year teaching and my first year at Northglenn. I am coming from down the street at Thornton Middle...

Ms. Lingo's Class

Mrs. Lingo Classroom Banner
Subject: Language Arts
Our focus this year in Language Arts is to develop our critical thinking skills, as we read, write, listen to discussions, and share ideas.  By the end of the year our units will have covered, grammar, narrative writing, literary non-fiction,...

Ms. Thurber's Class

Subject: English, Social-Studies
Ms. Thurber's Class All updates and assignments will be posted on Schoology. Use this link for help navigating Schoology. Please email me at if you have questions. I'm here to help!