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Science Department


Meet the Science Teachers

  • Genevieve O'Bryan-7th - Department Chair
  • Jessica Draper-6th
  • TBD-6th
  • Chase Rambo-6th Grade Science/Math
  • Tina Mott-7th
  • Ryan Espuga -7th & 8th
  • Christie Dawson-8th
  • Ryan Bauer-8th

Science at Northglenn Middle School

District 12 science is following the Next Generation Science Standards. The units of study are:

  • 8th Grade
    • Energy
    • Forces and Space
    • Weather and Climate
    • Chemistry
  • 7th
    • Cells
    • Human Body Systems
    • Health
    • Genetics
    • Natural and Artificial Selection
    • Changes in life over time
  • 6th
    • Matter and Water
    • Earth’s Structures and Natural Processes
    • Environmental Interactions

(Energy and Human Activities are embedded in all grade-level content)

    Understanding Science Grades


    Score  -Description - What it means for your student:
    4 - Advanced Understanding - Your student has mastered the expected standard AND has shown a deeper understanding of the concept.
    3 - Meets Standard - This is where we want to see all students scoring.
    2 - Approaching Standard - Your student is making progress to learning the expected standard.
    1 - Does Not Meet Standard - Your student needs more time and extra help to understand the standard.
    / - Not Assessed

    National Science Standards – (Topics) 
    6th through 8th Grade

    • ESP: Earth’s Surface Processes
    • ETSS: Links Among Engineering, Technology, Science, and Society
    • ED: Engineering Design
    • SFIP: Structure, Function, and Information Processing
    • IRE: Independent Relationships in Ecosystems
    • GDRO: Growth, Development, and Reproduction of Organisms
    • E: Energy
    • FM: Forces and Motion
    • NSA: Natural Selection and Adaptations
    • HI: Human Impact
    • WC: Weather and Climate Systems
    • EIP: Earth’s Interior Processes
    • SS: Space Systems
    • CR: Chemical Reactions
    • MEOE: Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems
    • HE: The History of Earth
    • IF: Interactions of Forces
    • ESP: Earth’s Surface Processes
    • SPM: Structure and Properties of Matter

    Science Department Classrooms

    Mr. Bauer's 8th Grade Science Class

    Space ... the final frontier.
    Subject: Science
    Welcome 8th Graders! Greetings, 8th grade humans! We are living in unusual times. You've heard about events in the world's history when there were massive disruptions to our normal, everyday lives. We are now living through one of those...

    Ms. Draper's Class

    Subject: Science
    6th Grade Science is an exciting class, as most of it is brand new to my students!  That being said, it is incredibly important to show up every day prepared to work hard.  What does "working hard" look like in science?  Scientists are...

    Mr. Espuga's Class

    Subject: Science
    Welcome to Mr. Espuga's 7th & 8th Grade Science Class Page!  Grading    At NGMS, we use a standards based grading system. Instead of focusing a simple letter grade like an "A", we prefer to focus on the student's level of understanding...

    Ms. Mott's Class

    Ms. Mott's 7th Science Class
    Subject: Science
    Tina Mott - Homework Calendar Classroom Information            Welcome to 7th Grade Science   Attendance: Attendance will be taken each day at the beginning class in Infinite Campus.  Students who come in late will be marked tardy...

    Ms. O'Bryan's Class

    Subject: Science
    Welcome to Mrs. O'Bryan's 7th Grade Science Classroom, Learning starts Wednesday, August 18th. Most 7th-grade science materials will be accessible through Schoology.  Some material for labs or activities may be distributed to students in class...

    Mr. Rambow's Class

    Subject: Math, Science
    Hey Everyone! My name is Chase Rambow and this will be my 10th year teaching and my first at Northglenn Middle School! My family and I just moved back here from Minnesota. We lived there for 4 years, and I am also oringially from Minnesota, so...