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Graduation Requirements

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Graduation requirements for the class of 2021 and beyond

Credits needed Subject area
4 English
3 Math
3 Science
1 US History
0.5 US Government
1.5 Social Science
1 Physical Education (PE)
(0.5 Healthy Choices; 0.5 PE - no PE waivers) 
2 Fine & Practical Arts
7 Electives
23 Total*

*Students must also meet College and Career Compentency Requirements - demonstrating proficiency in ONE option for English and Math (see menu below)

Menu of Options English Math
ACCUPLACER 62 on Reading Comprehension
or 70 on Sentence Skills
61 on Elementary Algebra
ACT 18 on ACT English 19 on ACT Math
ACT Workkeys - National Career Readiness Certificate Bronze or higher Bronze of higher
Advanced Placement (AP) 2 2
ASVAB 31 31
Concurrent Enrollment Passing grade per district and higher education policy Passing grade per district and higher education policy
District Capstone Individualized Individualized
Industry Certificate Individualized Individualized
International Baccalaureate (IB) 4 4
SAT: Scores update for new SAT (2016) 470 500
Collaboratively-developed, standards-based performance assessment State-wide scoring criteria State-wide scoring criteria

Higher Education Admission Requirements (4-year college/university requirements)

Credits needed Subject area
4 English
4 Math (Math I/Algebra I & higher)
3 Science (2 labs)
1 US History
2 Social Science
1 World Language 
(more competitive schools require 2-3 levels of the same language)
2 Academic Electives 
(Math, Science, English, Social Science, World Language)
17 total (of the 23)

*Some colleges outside of Colorado may also require a full credit of Fine Arts (ex. University of California schools)