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Community Letter

Community Letter

Greetings Knights:

Quarter 1 is gone, quarter 2 is well underway, the leaves are dropping, and the weather is still uncertain. With the fall comes many fun events, such as band and choir concerts, intramural sports, clubs, parent cafe, and the start of the holiday season.  It’s crazy to think how fast the quarter has gone, we are now staring down Thanksgiving break and Christmas break not far behind. Below you will find information regarding the bond update and weather alerts.

2016 Bond Update: A quick update regarding the bond money from the 2016 elections.  Since the passing of the bond, NGMS has added 3 more chrome carts with 36 chromebooks per cart.  This allows technology to be more accessible in each classroom as we continue to grow into 21st Century learners with academic rigor at the forefront.  We have also created the most up-to-date technology lab in the district for our Computer Science courses. Starting December 21st and through February, our school will be home to many technical guru’s as they add interactive whiteboards and projectors, dock cameras, computers, and sound systems in 45 more of our classrooms.  This will be added to the three pilot classrooms already in place. Finally, it looks as though the major facility renovations requiring extended construction will begin in late Spring 2019.

Weather Alerts:  In addition to the learning that occurs in class, we want parents and the community aware of actions that take place in case of inclement weather. As with any warnings or cancelations we ask that you consult the school’s website or the district website for information about school closures for inclement weather.

Delayed Start: Though the information will be posted on the school and district website for weather alerts, we would still like to inform you of delayed start and school closures. If conditions pose a concern for student and staff safety, the district will make every effort to announce a decision by 5:30 a.m. to close or delay opening schools. In the event of bad weather the district may put all schools on 2-hour delayed start.  For an announced 2-hour delayed start, families will add two hours to the start of the school day, including adding two hours to morning bus pick-up times, morning BASE, and school start times at every level. School will end at its normal time; afternoon bus drop-off times and afternoon BASE will not be adjusted.

School Closures: When schools are closed all scheduled activities in the school building are canceled and sports events and practices are postponed.

If schools are open but a parent feels, based on personal circumstances, that conditions pose a safety concern for their child getting to or from school they can call the school for an excused absence.

It’s truly a privilege to spend time with your children every day, thank you for entrusting us with their education.

Benito Espinoza
8th Grade Dean of Students