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Community Letter


Dear Northglenn Middle families,

Welcome back for the 2019-2020 school year!  We are excited to see all the students’ smiling faces on Aug. 14, 2019. The staff is hard at work preparing for the most engaging learning environment possible.  As you know, our school has received a significant amount of bond renovation work this summer thanks to the support of the Five Star Community. 

We are so excited for how these upgrades will not only improve our learning environment but also boost our building’s climate and culture as we share a sense of pride in these improvements.

Our construction project team only had a little over two months to complete this large amount of improvements. While we’re proud of the work accomplished, we also want you to know there is still some work to be completed. 

This includes:

  • Replacing the girls’ Physical Education lockers (August 2019) 

  • Replacing the gym bleachers (October 2019)

  • Replacing about 150 student lockers (October 2019)

  • Improving the building’s electrical capabilities (November 2019)

The overall impact to students and the functioning of the school should be limited. We don’t anticipate any disruptions to daily classrooms as we will attempt to complete most installations after hours and on weekends, unless it can be completed during the day in a safe, non-disruptive manner.  

This remaining work will not prevent school from starting as scheduled. It may, however, be noticeable when you visit our building and could have some impact on students, especially during the first couple months of the new school year.  

One noteworthy, highly-visible change is the main entrance. Parents and community members will now be required to present their IDs prior to being able to gain entrance to the main office.  While this requires an additional step to enter the building, we hope you understand that this is designed to increase the safety and security of the students in the building.

We want to thank you for your patience and understanding as this bond work finishes. We’re eager for all of this work to be completed and to share these wonderful, new improvements with you.  

Again, welcome back and we look forward to working with you and your children.

Grant Underwood