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Community Letter

Community Letter

Greetings Knights:

September may be one of my favorite months of the year: the Broncos are undefeated, the Rockies are still playing meaningful baseball, the weather is cooling off and school is in full swing. Now that everyone has settled in to the school year, I wanted to share some of the exciting lessons and activities that have been happening as teachers and students work to push themselves to deeper levels of knowledge and understanding.

Teachers have worked hard to plan and implement meaningful and relevant activities for your students.  In 6th Grade, Language Arts teachers have partnered with the Anythink library system for students to write book reviews to be shared with library patrons.  Social studies classes have been learning about geographic features and map reading skills.  Atoms, states of matter and the role water plays in life are being studies in science classes.  In math class students have been learning about fractions and decimals, converting one to the other. 

In 7th grade, language arts teachers are working with students on novels chosen specifically because they are so relatable.  Whether reading A Long Walk to Water or The Only Road they have been able to use literature as a means of learning about another time, place and culture.  Both of which nicely complement the learning students are developing about how and where civilizations occur in their Social Studies classes.  In Science students are looking at classification and the physical geography of the earth.  Math is working up to solving problems with positive and negative numbers.  

In 8th grade, science teachers have helped students make solar pizza ovens to demonstrate principles of energy and how it works.  Math teachers are supporting their science colleagues by working with students to help solve equations in addition to having students learn about angles and the relationships between them.  In social studies, the 8th grade students are learning about the Revolutionary War, it’s root causes and effects upon American society.  In Language Arts, students are learning about personal memoirs by reading Night by Elie Wiesel detailing his experiences as a Holocaust survivor.

Elective classes are also doing exciting work, choir, orchestra and band are already preparing for upcoming concerts and students in journalism are hard at work on the first edition of this year’s school newspaper.  In Physical Education class, students invite staff in for Fitness Fridays where all participate in circuit or cardio fitness.  In health class, students have learned CPR and in art they have been working on the components of art that create depth culminating in a landscape drawing.  

In addition to the learning that occurs in class, clubs and intramural sports have started up.  Please consult the school’s website for more information about when and where the different groups will meet.  

We also would like to extend an invitation for you to attend the first School Improvement Team meeting on October 10 at 3:00 - 3:45 pm and to come to the Parent Cafe on 9/27.  Parent Cafe is a place to meet with school employees and other parents about ways to support your students and the school.  

Oh! We also would like to invite you to our traditional Parent meetings "Parent Cafe", every last Thursday of the month at 5:30 pm.  We gather to discuss and collaborate on ways to support your children.    Remember, our school offers English classes for you and your family.  Classes are every Thursday from 3:30-6:30 pm.  If you know of any adults that can benefit from these classes, please give them this information.  This is an opportunity to show students that it is never late to learn.  

It’s truly a privilege to spend time with your children every day, thank you for entrusting us with their education.


Matt Oehlert  

Assistant Principal