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Career Expo provides students a glimpse of their futures

By Joshua Gonzalez

      The intimidating swarms of professionally dressed students could have caught you off guard if you were not prepared for it.  The horde descended upon the Denver Merchandise Mart on Tuesday, November 14th with all the subtlety of a bulldozer.

        The large group of Adams 12 students were there for the future, their futures.  Every year in November, eighth graders are invited to go to the Adams County Commissioners’ Career Expo, where they have the opportunity to meet with  professionals representing career options in most of Colorado’s Industry Career Clusters.

According to NGMS eighth grade Guidance Counselor Mrs. Teresa Biller, who coordinates the field trip, the  Career Expo  helps  Northglenn students in a number of ways.  “All eighth graders in Adams County participate in the Career Expo,” Biller explained.  “The purpose of the Career Expo is to provide students the opportunity to practice interviewing skills and learn about different career and education options after high school.”

Biller noted that students had a chance to meet with a wide variety of professionals from a wide palette of career fields, including human resources, criminal justice, design, and information and technology, to name just a few.

Eighth grade students said they feel like the Career Expo really helped with their interviewing skills and knowledge about the different education and career paths available after they graduate from high school.

Conrad Venegas, for example, an 8th grader who attended the Career Expo found the field trip and it’s focus on interviewing preparation did help. ¨I believe that it (the Career Expo) helped us to prepare us for the future,” he said. “Most people go in blind to interviews and with the Career Expo it gave us some experience.”

Some students even explored jobs that they could never imagine themselves actually doing, and admitted they discovered these careers were enjoyable and interesting to learn about.

Yet it was even more relevant for students who already have a career interest. Victoria Thompson, for one, felt that the Career Expo was enlightening and helped her learn about her most appealing profession. Thompson, who is interested in becoming an FBI agent or homicide detective, got to learn a ton about those fields. “I got to learn about a branch of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation," she said.

Overall, to most of the students that attended, the Career Exposition was a very relevant and rewarding field trip because it provided information about different jobs that students might be interested in.  That’s why several eighth graders wanted to offer some advice to other students when they go next year. Northglenn’s Starlene Garcia encouraged students to take the field trip seriously. “I’d recommend the Career Expo to other students,” she said.  “It’s fun and it helps you to check out other careers.”

Garcia speculated that the Career Expo could  potentially be one of the greatest learning experiences a student could have in middle school,  and an excellent way to learn about different careers.  

 She also offered a last bit of advice, “Be Confident when speaking,” she said.  

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