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Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Support Services Staff

SSN Syllabus

Teacher - Michael A. Mullen


  • Parents can access real-time grades and attendance on the Parent Portal of Infinite Campus by logging on to: Come to the school main office to obtain login information.
  • We will return phone calls and/or emails within 24 – 48 hours.
  • If a student is not performing to his/her ability we will:
  • Contact a parent/guardian by phone or email if a student is not demonstrating appropriate progress towards the standard(s).
  • Contact a parent/guardian by phone or email if student has unacceptable behavior that is either impeding his/her learning or causing undo disruption to the class.
  • Offer interventions that may include:
    • After school study sessions
    • Reteach and retest opportunities

Behavior expectations

  • Students should be respectful of themselves, others and property
    • Students will try their best, complete their work to the best of their ability, follow directions the first time asked, keep hands and feet yourself, and be respectful to peers and staff.
    • Students should follow the attending skills (appropriate body language, being in the moment, appropriate feedback, appropriate eye contact, and ask questions to clarify or validate).
  • Students are expected to complete/attempt homework to the best of their abilities.
  • Students are expected to be on time to class. Tardys will be handled on an inpidualized basis.


  • Northglenn Middle School communicates student achievement levels based upon the standards. We do not assign letter grades, rather proficiency levels will be reported out as follows:
    • 4 – Exceeds Standard
    • 3 – Meets Standard
    • 2 – Approaching Standard
    • 1 – Below Standard
  • SSN will report out on the following criteria:
    • Mathematics
  • Criteria 1- Number Sense, Properties and Operations
  • Criteria 2- Patterns, Functions and Algebraic Relationships
  • Criteria 3- Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability
  • Criteria 4- Shapes, Dimensions and Geometric Relationships
  • Criteria 5-Mathematical Communication
  • Criteria 6-Procedural Fluency
  • Literacy
  • Criteria 1- Oral Expression and Listening
  • Criteria 2- Reading for all Purposes
  • Criteria 3- Writing and Composition
  • Criteria 4- Research and Reasoning

Homework Policy

  • Proficiency levels must be based solely on the achievement of standards. Factors such as growth, attendance, behavior and attitude will be reported separately.
  • Teacher’s use professional judgment to determine student proficiency levels using evidence of students’ performance from standards based assessments. Grades, then, are not the results of the average of all assignments.
  • Cooperative Assignments--When students are working on a group project, each student will receive an inpidual score based on his or her demonstrated proficiency level.
  • Homework will be given out based on inpidual student abilities and needs.
  • Homework is a means for students to practice their learning and therefore will not be utilized when determining a student’s proficiency level. Students will receive feedback on their homework and completion of it will be monitored.
  • If a student works on homework for more than 45 minutes, they should bring a list of questions and evidence of their attempted work.

Timeline of Learning

Significant Support Needs (SSN) services are designed to provide strategic, ability level instruction to students who qualify for special education services through SSN. Instruction addresses student needs in the areas of math, literacy, and life skills.

Math at ability and functioning level (Math instruction is based on student ability and IEP goals):

  • Geometry: Identify, define, use Point, Line Segment, Plane, Map (Approximate time 8 weeks).
  • Algebra: Identify, define, use First, Second, Last, +, -, =, solve for x (Approximate time 8 weeks).
  • Data Analysis: Identify, define, use Bar Graph, Circle Graph (Approximate time 8 weeks).
  • Measurement: Identify, define, use Dollar, Next Dollar, Perimeter, Area (Approximate time 8 weeks).
  • Math skill building activities.
  • Mathematics that incorporates life skills and provides meanings to the numbers through movement.

Literacy at ability and functioning level (Literacy instruction is based on student ability and IEP goals) - To include, but not limited to: Sight words, reading, writing, spelling, communication. Curriculum: Reading A-Z, Science A-Z

Life Skills - To include but not limited to: Community Safety and Mobility Skills, Teamwork, Cooking, Assistance with Daily Living Skills, Pre-Vocational Skills, Hygiene, and Social Skills.

Goals and Objectives per student IEP.